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We proudly support the election of Sharonda Amamilo for Thurston County Superior Court Judge and hope you do too!


Elected and Appointed Officials

Chief Justice Debra Stephens, Washington State Supreme Court


Justice Mary Yu, Washington State Supreme Court

Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis, Washington State Supreme Court  


Beth Doglio, Washington State Representative, 22nd LD

Laurie Dolan, Washington State Representative, 22nd LD

Christine Kilduff, Washington State Representative, 28th LD

Judge LeRoy McCullough, King County Superior Court

Judge Veronica Galvan, King County Superior Court

Judge Sabrina AhrensPierce County Superior Court 

Johnathan Lack, King County Superior Court Commissioner 

Tracy Mitchell, Lewis County Superior Court Commissioner


Judge Carol Murphy, Thurston County Superior Court Judge


Joe Downing, Port Commissioner

EJ Zita, Port Commissioner

Elizabeth Cameron, Centralia City Councilmember

Corina Pfeil, Kenmore City Councilmember

Malcolm Miller, Lacey City Councilmember

Michael Steadman, Lacey City Councilmember


Jessica Bateman, Olympia City Councilmember

Lisa Parshley, Olympia City Councilmember

Clark Gilman, Olympia City Councilmember 

Dani Madrone, Olympia City Councilmember

John O'Callahan, Tenino City Councilmember and South Thurston County Fire & EMS Commissioner

Leatta Dalhoff, Tumwater City Councilmember



Tom Oliva, Tumwater City Councilmember

Jim Bamberger, Director of the Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid (OCLA)

Joanne Moore, Director of the Washington State Office of Public Defense (OPD)


Former Elected and Appointed Officials 

Nick Handy, Former Washington State Elections Director and Executive Director of the Port of Olympia

Karen Fraser, Former Washington State Senator, 22nd LD


Jennifer Belcher, Former Public Lands Commissioner (first in WA State)


Daryl Rodrigues, Former Director of Thurston County Office of Public Defense 

Karen Valenzuela, Former Thurston County Commissioner and Tumwater City Councilmember

Virgil Clarkson, Former Mayor of Lacey

Marilyn Strickland, Former Mayor of Tacoma

Lynda Zeman, Former Lacey City Councilmember

Dr. Thelma Jackson, Former North Thurston School Board Member 

Lynda Zeman, Former Lacey City Council Member











Local Businesses 


Community Members  

Steve Tilley

Jacqueline Lovette

Jan Smith

Leonard Lucenko, Attorney

Don Krupp

Anne Hundley

Robert Shope

Siobhan Jackson 

Jim and Nancy Kelly

Jill Malat, Attorney

Sarah Stabenow, Attorney

Paul Strophy Jr., Attorney

Steve Klein, Host of the Yelm, WA Community Blog 

Christine Flanagan, Attorney

Scott Hanauer

Anne Hundley

Kimberly Reid, Attorney

Leonard Lucenko, Thurston County District Court Pro-Tem 

Amy Perlman, Attorney 

Jan Smith

Jacqueline Lovette

J. Anne Redford-Hall, Attorney

Lynnda Brown, Attorney

Virgil and Barbara Clarkson

Dr. Thelma Jackson and Nat Jackson

James Shackleton, Attorney

Avery Stegall, Retired Thurston County Corrections Deputy

Jennifer Minich, PCO-Elect, Butler Cove in Thurston County

Linda Murphy

ShaMarica Scott

Sandia Slaby

Christopher Taylor, Attorney

Krystafer Brown

Marcia Joslyn Sill

Rob Hill, Attorney

Jane Morgan, Therapist

Rev. Carol McKinley


Karyn Lindberg

Roger Flygare, President of Court Reporters United, WA

Tracey Carlos

Melissa Denton, Attorney

Barney McClanahan


Karen Small, Senior Assistant Attorney General 

Steve Simpson 

Angela Guzman-Tucker

Bob Jones, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel

John Hall

Katrina Wynkoop Simmons

Cherie Reeves Sperr

Rosalind Williams, Attorney

Tonia McClanahan, Social Services Specialist

Sharon McKellery

Zandra McDowell

Dawn Schwiebe

Everette Adams

Angela Colaiuta, Attorney

Katherine Gulmert, Attorney

George Yeannakis, Attorney

Evangelist Obenwa

Elie Halpern

Christopher Desmond, Attorney

Amelia Watson, Attorney

Sarah Beth Huot, Attorney

Molly Sullivan, PCO, Tumwater 05


Statements of Support


"I have known Sharonda since she was a Public Defender. I appreciated her commitment to seeking justice for all people regardless of their financial resources. She helped me and others start a fund to restore drivers licenses to those who need to drive to support themselves and their families. She also supported efforts to achieve accountability in the justice system." -Steve Tilley


"Sharonda Amamilo has the qualifications and demeanor to become an excellent judge. Sharonda cares about our community and she will work tirelessly for our community. As a practicing attorney in Thurston County who has worked with Sharonda, I know that she has the intelligence, compassion and work effort to make a difference in people's lives. I wholeheartedly endorse Sharonda Amamilo for Superior Court Judge!" -Leonard Lucenko, Attorney


"We keep hearing that we are living in unprecedented times and current events keep proving this to be so. There is considerable social and political upheaval. The decisions we make as voters now will have far reaching effects for many years to come. The decision of who we vote onto the Thurston County Superior Court Bench is one such decision. During unprecedented times, who do we want deciding cases that have huge consequences for the citizens of Thurston County? For me, it's easy. Only Sharonda Amamilo has the strong morals, ethics, intelligence, knowledge, grit, passion, determination, innate sense of fairness, and empathy that we need.  Sharonda is a champion for equality and for greater access to our justice system. With her sharp intellect, passion, drive and incredible work ethic she has been a powerful advocate for indigent and marginalized parents and youth--a disproportionate number of whom are people of color--in child welfare and juvenile offender matters in Thurston County. She chose that work, not for any financial gain but because her work is her calling. Working side by side with Sharonda for the last thirteen years I have seen first hand that she is a fierce opponent. Sharonda is knowledgable, well prepared, and eloquent in defense of her clients. She never backs down when she feels her cause is just. She has the grit and determination to succeed in anything she puts her mind to. In addition to rising to become a managing attorney at the Thurston County Public Defender's Office, her exemplary service in the military and her role raising her amazing children proves it. Sharonda Amamilo will make an excellent addition to the Thurston County Superior Court Bench. She has sound judgment that we can trust in a time that we need it most. She will afford an equal opportunity to all who appear before her and she will always be fair and compassionate in her rulings. Moreover, as the first person of color on the Thurston County Superior Court Bench, Sharonda will provide a much needed diverse perspective to her fellow judges and leadership on how to make our court system one that is more accessible and that works for all the citizens of Thurston County. Finally, Sharonda Amamilo will leave a lasting impression on all the litigants whose lives she changes with her rulings. She will be a role model for all who will follow in her footsteps, opening the door for future women and people of color to join her on the bench. There will be (and I bet there already are) young people inspired by Sharonda Amamilo to take up the call of public service and become attorneys and judges.  I wholeheartedly endorse Sharonda Amamilo for Thurston County Superior Court Judge and implore you not only to vote for her, but to tell everyone you know about what an amazing candidate she is and urge them to vote for her as well. She is just the judge we need in these unprecedented times."

 -Kristen Bishopp, Attorney


"Sharonda Amamilo is by far the most qualified candidate for Superior Court Judge of Thurston County. Over many years I have seen Sharonda represent some of the most needy of children in our courts. This is not an easy job. Sharonda brings her natural empathy and concern for children, combined with her knowledge of what is needed to create a better outcome for our youth. She works harder. She investigates deeper. And she speaks truthfully. She is a retired Veteran. She is educated and experienced in business. And, she is always compassionate. We are very fortunate to have this caliber of candidate in our County. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to learn why Sharonda Amamilo is by far the most qualified candidate for Superior Court Judge of Thurston County - and why I endorse and support her efforts." -J. Anne Redford-Hall



"I wholeheartedly support Sharonda D. Amamilo for the next Thurston County Superior Court Judge. I have had the immense honor of working with Sharonda over the past few years. She is a consistent force for what is right. She is a tenacious and intelligent attorney who always gives her all. Sharonda is on a constant pursuit for justice and has a natural ability to find that path. I can't imagine a better candidate for the Thurston County Superior Court bench." -Kimberly Reid, Attorney


"When individuals suffer injustice — when pay is less because of gender, when social advantages and disparities affect different races, or police systematically treat racial minorities unfairly — wronged individuals turn to the courts to protect their rights. And when they walk through the courthouse doors, they need to be assured they will be treated fairly — that their arguments will be seriously considered and understood, and their claims will be resolved without bias or favor. As a former colleague of Sharonda Amamilo, I know she embodies the fairness and compassion that is so desperately needed in our society today." -Christine Flanagan, Attorney 


"Prior to my retirement, Sharonda Amamilo appeared in my courtroom many times – as a criminal defense attorney and as an attorney for parents in child welfare cases.  She is professional, smart and tenacious.  Sharonda would be a great addition to the Thurston County Superior Court bench and I believe she would be a great judge.  I strongly endorse her candidacy.-Paula Casey, Former Thurston County Superior Court Judge


“I met Sharonda Amamilo as a court appointed defender in a CPS case around 2013. I was very impressed by her dedication and knowledge of the law, and the passion with which she fought for her client. Throughout the years, I have always had positive energy and response from her. I have the utmost respect and faith in her abilities to serve our community better than any other candidate. With the challenges and change facing the world and our community- there is no better person to fight for the justice, equality, and integrity we need right now and going forward." -Krystafer Brown


It’s high time that we vote diversity onto the Thurston County Superior Court bench. Sharonda has seen firsthand the explicit and implicit bias that is deeply embedded in our court system and Washington’s sentencing guidelines. Now more than ever we need a candidate that will treat people of color and underserved community members with a genuine sense of fairness and justice. Sharonda is that candidate and she has my vote.“ -Maia Bellon, Former Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology and Assistant Attorney General


"Her experience representing families and children makes her uniquely qualified for this position." -Linda Murphy


"I am very enthusiastic about Sharonda’s judicial candidacy for many reasons. She has an excellent legal mind matched only by her passion for justice and her strong work ethic." -James Shackleton


"Vote for Sharonda Amamilo to add skill, wisdom and diversity to our court system." -Katrina Wynkoop Simmons


"Sharonda Amamilo is my mentor, coach, lawyer, and friend. She will fight what's right. Do all she can to get things in position, perfectly, and permanently." -Sharon McKellery


"Ms Amamilo brings the perfect blend of wisdom, experience, and temperament to this Court position." -Lee Doyle


"I wholeheartedly endorse Sharonda Amamilo for judge. I feel compelled by recent events to promote a person who will reflect the community they will serve, who will fight for equity and justice in our legal system, and who has lived experience as a black woman navigating our court system. As an elected official, I am responsible for ensuring that we elevate the voices of diverse, experienced, and accomplished individuals in our community. In addition, I feel an even greater duty to help elect those voices to local, state, and national offices when possible. We need to recognize when specific voices are missing in our legal system and in our government's decision-making process and work hard to include them. By adding these voices, we become a greater, more accurate reflection of our community. Sharonda will add the long overdue perspectives of a black woman, a military officer, and a senior family law attorney representing our most vulnerable-foster care youth and indigent parents. Please join me in voting to elect her as our next Thurston County Superior Court Judge." -Senator Sam Hunt, 22nd LD


"As evidenced by her history of service to the Thurston County Public Defense Office and career advancement to Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army, she is qualified and fit for service to the citizens of Thurston County. She has a dedication to life-long learning and has the legal knowledge, skill, and abilities of a fine judge. To elect her will be important to visibly increase Thurston County’s diversity of the court. By her presence and example, her elevation to the bench by the citizens of Thurston County will represent the continued march to justice and equality in our judicial system and serve as a fine example to the young people of Thurston County of what is possible to achieve." -Floyd Chapman


"Diversity in our courts is long overdue. Sharonda will bring a unique point of view as a US Army service member, a senior defense attorney, a woman of color, and a mother of 7. She has spent her entire career practicing family law for indigent parents and youth, which makes her the perfect candidate for this role. Sharonda's knowledge about this area of law makes her a vital asset to the bench. We need judges who understand the unique barriers and difficulties that people who come before the courts will face- Sharonda will provide that insight and will render fair and compassionate justice for ALL." -Tarra Simmons


"Equity, diversity, inclusion and respect. These are the qualities that make an outstanding judge; each of these qualities are present in Sharonda Amamilo. As judge, I know that she will treat all who come before the bench equally and respectfully. As a woman of color and an active member of the US Army reserves, she has a diverse background and will ensure that our courts are fair and inclusive. Our most vulnerable communities are in need of representation, inclusion, and respect. The bulk of cases that this position will see involve indigent clients, who Sharonda has served for her entire career. Sharonda will render compassionate justice to the poor, the mentally ill, juveniles, and marginalized communities. This is why she has my enthusiastic support." -Dr. Karen Johnson


 "I have had the opportunity to listen to Sharonda Amamilo speak a couple times and have been impressed with how experienced she is in working with marginalized youth and her military background." -Tracey Carlos


"I am very excited that Sharonda has chosen to run for Superior Court Judge. Our youth desperately need an advocate for them on the bench, and our county desperately needs a judge who has extensive family and juvenile court experience. That person is Sharonda; she is the only candidate who has the extensive experience and diversity of background necessary to reflect the community that she will serve with equity and compassion. I wholeheartedly support her for judge." -Derek Harris, Community Youth Services CEO


"I have been fortunate to have worked with Sharonda Amamilo as a member of her team in the defense of a juvenile. Through working with Ms. Amamilo I feel confident in endorsing her as a candidate for Thurston County Superior Court Judge. I have witnessed Ms. Amamilo demonstrate the compassion to understand extenuating circumstances and the wisdom needed to provide fair and just correction to an offender; all while considering the safety and well being of the citizens of Thurston County. I encourage each of you to vote for Sharonda Amamilo for Thurston County Superior Court Judge." -Steve Simpson


"I look forward to voting for Sharonda D. Amamilo in the next election. She will be an outstanding Superior Court Judge. Sharonda served our community as Supervising Senior Defense attorney for the Juvenile and Dependency Division of the Thurston County Public Defense Office. I persuaded her to join our Community Youth Services (CYS) Program Policy and Review Advisory Committee shortly after meeting her. She has worked for those who are disenfranchised, for equity and for restorative justice. She has actively volunteered time with CYS and as a Board Member of Washington Trafficking Prevention (WTP), which aims to prevent human trafficking in Washington State. Thurston Community YWCA recognized her generosity of spirit when awarded 2018 Womxn of Achievement. She has a passion for finding solutions for our youth and seeking appropriate community system supports. I have observed her to be a clear thinker with strong commitment and professionalism." -Linda Lamb


“Sharonda, you’ve been an inspiration since we met about 7 years ago. Your dedication and integrity are values worth emulation. Godspeed on your candidacy.” -Addison Williams, US Army


"Sharonda’s intellect, professionalism, compassion and energy are inspiring. Her dedication to bridging the gaps that marginalized families and youth face in our community is desperately needed and I know that she will work to ensure our judicial system reflects the people it serves. Sharonda’s extensive experience in the court system and her tireless service to her community and country are just a couple of the reasons that she is the best candidate for Thurston County Superior Court Judge. I wholeheartedly endorse Sharonda for this position and have faith that when individuals come before her on the bench, she will respond with the swift, fair, and compassionate justice that our citizens deserve." -Sandra Romero


"Sharonda, you're a whirlwind talent of many types of law, defending those with little voice in our system. And a super strong advocate! I know you will win."  -Patrick Cooney


"Sharonda and I have been participating in activities and crossing paths in court since 2008. Last year, as I went through changes in my office, Sharonda became a good friend and gave me coverage for a hearing and mutual support, never with any discussion of how I would do something for her. I'm glad that she is running. Although I also know and respect the other candidates, I believe that Sharonda Amamilo is the best candidate. I hope she wins. I think she will do a great job for our county courts and the people who need to use them." -Melissa Denton


“I had the honor of meeting Sharonda Amamilo when she was selected as a YWCA Olympia Womxn of Achievement. It can be best summed up by the bio we used in honoring her: She is a woman of strong conviction, believes a community is only as strong as the people in it, is committed to empowering those that have been disenfranchised, and encouraging the government to change. As the Supervising Senior Defense attorney for the Juvenile and Dependency Division of the Thurston County Public Defense Office, she has pushed for the inclusion of restorative justice principles within the Thurston County Juvenile Justice System and recidivism rates are down. Sharonda is an extraordinary leader, mentor to many, courageous advocate in her role as a Senior Defense Attorney, US Army Reserves Warrant Officer, Mother, Sister to many and Woman of Color who is defining what it means to lead in a world where opportunities are rare, barriers are high and the old world tradition is thick/intractable/deep. Sharonda will be a fair, impartial addition to the Superior Court and she has my vote.” -Cherie Reeves Sperr





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